Training and support services

Training and workshops

My training services are open to medical health professionals and complementary therapists; either as individuals or via their employing organisation. I have facilitated sessions around the UK and Australia, including Royal College of Occupational Therapists in the UK, and Occupational Therapy Australia, various hospices and NHS trusts.

I offer a variety of seminars and workshops explaining non-pharmacological symptom management, including anxiety, breathlessness and fatigue. See Upcoming training page or contact me for details.

  • Anxiety management in palliative care and progressive conditions: 2 day workshop
    (This will also be offered as a 4-session online workshop starting 2022)

  • Anxiety management (General): 1 and 2-day workshops, introductory sessions

  • Breathlessness management: 2 day workshop (also offered as a 4-session online workshop);
    1 hour introductory sessions

  • Fatigue management: half-day masterclass; 1 hour introductory sessions

  • Introduction to symptom management for healthcare professionals and complementary therapists (Breathlessness, Fatigue, Anxiety, Sleep, Relaxation): a series of short workshops via zoom, providing an introduction to techniques to support your clients.

  • Introduction to symptom management for individuals (Breathlessness, Fatigue, Anxiety, Sleep, Relaxation); NB, free sessions available via some charities.

Bespoke sessions also available, please ask.


One-to-one sessions available via zoom for occupational therapists working in palliative care.

We have provided training sessions to organisations including:

Royal College of Occupational Therapists; Specialist Section Major Health Conditions

Occupational Therapy Australia (National)

Ramsay Healthcare, Perth Australia

SAMOC, Malta

Powys Health Board, Wales

Su Ryder - Various hospices

St Ann's Hospice, Manchester

Lifecraft, Cambridge

Velindre Hospice, Wales

St Michaels Hospice, Basingstoke

Pilgrim's Hospices, Kent

Cambridge Cancer Help Centre