About Me

My name is Mara. I am an occupational therapist and hypnotherapist. I work with a variety of people, many who have long-term or major health conditions, including cancer, heart disease and lung conditions such as COPD.


My aim is to enable people to maintain and improve their quality of life. 

Why 'Positive Energy Partnership'?

I am often asked "why do you call your business a 'partnership' when you work on your own?'"

Well .....  I aim to:

  • Bring positive insight to identify what can be changed, when often so many things seem to be beyond control.

  • Bring motivational energy to help you and your family/carers implement the changes you want to make.


  • Work in partnership with you, and anyone who shares your life, such as family members or carers to maintain and where possible, improve your ability to be involved in activities which are important and meaningful to you.