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LONG-COVID Sessions available supporting recovery for people with symptoms of long-covid. If you are interested to find out more, or to book a session, please contact me to discuss.


Hello, my name is Mara Sheldon. I am an occupational therapist and I specialise in helping people address and manage symptoms including fatigue, breathlessness, anxiety, and painI use a combination of practical and functional rehabilitation interventions to help achieve long-lasting change. 


As part of this role I provide advice and support to individuals and employers to look at return to work and advice to support remaining in work. 

For health professionals interested to learn more about techniques and interventions, I offer a variety of training opportunities and workshops. I also offer supervision for occupational therapists.

Symptoms addressed

Living with or recovering from a health condition can bring physical, emotional and social changes which impact your life. I provide interventions for symptoms resulting from health conditions or associated treatments. These include:

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety, stress or worry

  • Breathlessness

  • Sleep problems

  • Pain

  • Poor memory or concentration

  • Deconditioning

Please contact me to discuss.​

For some people, only a single session will remove situational anxieties and phobias (eg fear of needles, giving presentations, or surgery).


PW Feb 2024 - Single session - Hi Mara, thank you for your help, I used the breathing and visualisation techniques, my blood pressure was a bit high but I was able to have the knee replacement surgery and I’m now home recovering. 

OT Post Covid Service - Feb 2024 - Relaxation as an intervention training - Many thanks for arranging and facilitating the relaxation as an intervention training.  I found the session really interesting and gave me lots to think about when working with our clients.  I feel more informed to discuss relaxation with our clients and have a go at using some of the short relaxation scripts.


Katie, Feb 2023 - Long Covid - How much did our sessions help you? "Very much (5/5). Helped me have a space to talk about the feeling and emotions long covid left. Helped me to understand some long covid symptoms particularly in relation to energy management and helped me to cope with feelings of anxiety and again help with strategies to manage this.


JW, Hospice Nurse - March 2023 - Anxiety management training:

"The course was fantastic. It gave me so many practical ideas and tools to try with patients. It will be so useful in my work on the inpatient unit"


AB, Occupational Therapist Dec 2022 - Mindfulness, relaxation and the threat response training "I found the course extremely interesting and informative - I feel it will help my practice hugely."

A DB - Nov 2022 -  1:1 Trauma and self-confidence:

"I had the pleasure of working with Mara a few times. Her knowledge, experience, compassion, and techniques set her apart from others in her field. The treatments were comforting, as she gave me a sense of security and safety. Afterwards I was feeling relieved and happier, having let go of the traumatic memories. THANK YOU MARA!"

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